Rick Mendoza, Quality Assurance Specialist

by Melissa Lee, Director Community Relations,
February 13, 2017

Rick Mendoza, Quality Assurance Specialist

“As Bigfoot’s Quality Assurance Specialist, my responsibilities include testing our system components and making the final inspections to verify that the parts are accurate and conform to measurements.

I’ve worked in Quality for the whole of my career, watching as technology and trends have continuously evolved. In the 1970s, I performed quality testing on video games for Atari. (I remember quality testing the classic Breakout game.) I worked for ROLM Mil-Spec on the F-16 fighter planes, inspecting boards to ensure they were up to military specs.

As I’ve watched Silicon Valley bloom and change, my path has led me from the electromechanical space to medical devices - an area I find really rewarding, as the focus is on helping people out there live better lives. I spent over 3 years working on the Snap insulin pump for Asante. Joining Bigfoot soon after Asante closed its doors, I returned to the very same workspace I’d had at Asante, but now with a new team.

This team, from the leadership down, is committed and passionate. I believe in Bigfoot because we’re working on reducing the worry of managing insulin dependent diabetes, and I believe we’ll make a difference.”


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