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Designed for Simplicity and Ease of Use

Should diabetes technology require tech-savviness, large upfront costs, and intensive effort? We don’t think so. By providing simple and easy-to-use solutions, Bigfoot Biomedical is aiming to reduce the burden on people with insulin-requiring diabetes, improve access, and support their health care providers in optimizing diabetes care.


Bigfoot Unity™ Diabetes
Management Program

The Bigfoot Unity Diabetes Management Program is a real-time partner to health care providers (HCPs) helping them support a broad population of insulin-requiring patients using multiple daily injections (MDI).

Enables Individual Patient Success: The Bigfoot Unity™ Diabetes Management System provides tools to your MDI patients to support them in following your recommended therapy and insulin dosing instructions.

Equips your Clinic with Tools to Scale Population Health Management: The Program provides secure, on-demand technologies and services for your practice, enabling you to provide individualized, proactive care at a distance, while easily managing a large population of your MDI patients under the Bigfoot Unity Program.

Automatically Collects Data to Support Remote Physiologic Monitoring: The Bigfoot Unity System passively collects glucose and insulin dose time data without intervention from you or your patient.



Where is Bigfoot Going Next?

The search for improved diabetes management tools is like the search for the legendary Bigfoot creature. That’s because the search for better is elusive and never ending.

Bigfoot Biomedical's goal is to develop an entire technology platform to help manage insulin delivery. We are passionately driven to continue building a pipeline of future solutions that enable people with insulin-requiring diabetes to live the lives they want.



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