Bigfoot is Now Abbott.


Expanding Impact.


Our Vision

To create a world where technology frees people from the burdens of living with insulin-requiring diabetes.


Our Mission

We relentlessly strive to free people with insulin-requiring diabetes to live the lives they choose. By employing data-driven intelligence across an integrated device ecosystem, we are transforming diabetes care with a fully comprehensive digital drug delivery platform experienced as a service.


Why Bigfoot? The Birth of a Legend

In 2014, Bryan Mazlish resolved to start his own company. Finding a bold, like-minded partner in former JDRF CEO Jeffrey Brewer, the path before him was clear. In November 2014, they founded SmartLoop Labs and were soon joined by former Medtronic Chief Engineer Lane Desborough, one of the co-creators of Nightscout.

That next month, Wired Magazine published a piece detailing the legendary story of someone who’d successfully hacked their own automated system, dubbing him “Bigfoot” - a mysterious, cloaked person living in NYC who had created his own artificial pancreas for his family. The name stuck and the trio loved it, renaming the company Bigfoot Biomedical, Inc. in February of 2015.


What makes us tick? Who are we at our core? These four forces drive us forward.

Thoughtful Simplicity

Making life easier through understanding and empathy.


Maverick Spirit

Viewing problems from a new perspective. Thinking differently and pushing past "good enough."


Quiet, Confident Strength

Showing strength through actions and innovations. Less talking - more doing.


Holistic Approach

Providing an integrated, complete solution for insulin dosing. Addressing the problem as a whole.