Ravi Shankar, Senior Design Assurance Engineer

by Melissa Lee, Director Community Relations,
October 05, 2016

Ravi Shankar, Senior Design Assurance Engineer

I joined Asante Solutions in 2007 as a Systems Engineer when the company was still really small - just 15 people. As one of the engineers on the ground floor of developing and testing the original Snap insulin pump, everything about our design focused on users’ safety as our number one priority.

When Asante shut down, I was saddened reading the comments from the users on how useful the Snap pumps were to them, asking if they would ever be made available in the future. On my last day, my heart felt heavy at the sight of thousands of pump bodies I worked on, and all I could think was how beneficial these could have been to the users.

I had been entertaining another opportunity until I met Bryan Mazlish, one of the founders of Bigfoot. I had no second thought the moment I listened to their vision on how they want to reduce the burden for people with T1D. I understood I would not be working on yet another pump delivery system, but on a disruptive technology in the field of diabetes!

What attracted me to Bigfoot is the passion the founders had towards building this technology. It is not just about being “better” than other competitors in the market. We genuinely care about user experience and are carefully engineering our system in an attempt to make their lives better and safer. I feel lucky to be among coworkers who are not only enthusiastic about finding answers, but are understanding of the challenges that come with this condition, as many of our family members are diagnosed with T1D. It's reflected in our everyday work.

I believe in Bigfoot because our vision comes from a place of love, and the hope that one day our loved ones with T1D will have completely normal lives like the rest of us.


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