Peter Kimball, Senior Mobile Software Developer

by Melissa Lee, Director Community Relations,
August 11, 2016

Peter Kimball, Senior Mobile Software Developer

“My sister Sarah was diagnosed when I was four years old. I don't have a memory of her without diabetes. Looking back now though, I'm amazed at how little I understood of her condition. Mostly I remember test strips, those orange-capped syringes, and the special sugar-free desserts my mom would make for her.

Our whole family became involved in diabetes in a new way after my nephew Sam was diagnosed in 2011. My dad built this rig that pointed a webcam at a Dexcom 7+ receiver and turned it on when you clicked a button on the web interface. I, in turn, reverse engineered the downloading protocol for the 7+, which led to our wiring an Android phone to the Dexcom to create one of the earliest remote monitoring tools. Sarah’s husband Bryan went on to invent a fully automated insulin delivery system, which earned him the nickname Bigfoot.

My experience with our family-made tools led me to work at Medtronic beginning in 2013, where I spent two years working to bring their mobile CGM solutions to market. I’m extremely proud of the mobile app work I did at Medtronic, but at Bigfoot, I saw the opportunity to work on a streamlined team whose focus is tack sharp. We have an unparalleled understanding of the impact our work will have on life with T1D and we know why we have to get there as fast as possible.

I believe in Bigfoot because we're going to bring our solution to everyone, not just the lucky few who are smart enough to do it for themselves or who have caregivers who are engaged and savvy enough to bring it home. And I believe in Bigfoot because when I look around this office, I see only the best, the brightest, the fighters.”


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