Kevin Lee, Senior Software Engineer

by Melissa Lee, Director Community Relations,
June 16, 2016

Kevin Lee, Senior Software Engineer

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, I was frustrated that the tools she had to manage her T1D didn’t have any way to answer this single question: Was she safe? Like any first-time dad, I was already worrying about the people I loved most when I was away.

I reverse engineered a popular CGM and created apps for both Android and Glass as remote monitoring tools. When the Nightscout project was born, I wrote the code that is now the foundation for the xDrip and the Android uploader software that thousands of people use today. From the moment I heard about Bigfoot, I wanted to use my experience to contribute to their mission.

More than anything, I want my wife to live a long, happy life. And as a spouse, I want to know that she’s safe. I’m driven by love and I can’t wait until she can use what I’m working to build. I believe in Bigfoot because we’re designing a simple, elegant solution that will make her life better. That’s my promise to her.


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