Our Commitment to Cybersecurity

Data driven medicine, powered by connected systems of products, platforms, and services is easing burdens for patients and healthcare providers and improving outcomes. Bigfoot Biomedical is dedicated to making lives healthier, safer, and easier by enabling optimized insulin delivery solutions accessible for all.

The values of patient safety and privacy long associated with healthcare require a strong focus on cybersecurity to protect the promises inherent in an interconnected, data-driven healthcare model. Our goal is to ensure our devices, products, and systems meet the highest security standards and that commitment governs how we approach cybersecurity across our business.

Our cybersecurity program is built on five pillars. Because the security landscape is always changing, we constantly evaluate our practices and methodologies to ensure our patients and providers receive safe and secure solutions.

Cybersecurity-embedded design – Our design controls are shaped by national and international cybersecurity standards. We review cybersecurity risks and design controls early in the design process and manage these throughout development, verification, and validation. Testing includes design reviews, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing by outside organizations.

Constant threat and risk monitoring – Threats and associated risks are changing continuously. We actively monitor our systems, collaborate with external experts, and have information sharing agreements with specialists in the healthcare and cybersecurity fields. Monitoring and threat intelligence enable us to identify new threats, analyze for potential vulnerabilities and respond appropriately.

Testing by internal and external experts – To maintain the trust of our patients, we use a regular testing program to ensure that our devices, products, and systems are appropriately aligned with current cybersecurity standards.

Partnering with industry – Cybersecurity risks are experienced across the technology sector. We work with technology and industry partners, including security experts, academic institutions and the research community, to assess trends, share threat information, and establish standards that protect patients and providers. Working together on cybersecurity challenges is critical to maintaining trust in our industry.

Partnering with Healthcare Providers and Patients – Our healthcare solutions are delivered to patient and provider devices that may become targets of cybersecurity attacks. In addition to our ongoing monitoring activities, we provide advice, including best practices for securing and maintaining these devices.

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