Jeffrey Brewer


President & Chief Executive Officer

After founding two successful technology startups and dedicating his time to global philanthropy organizations, Jeffrey Brewer was facing the greatest challenge of his life - the diagnosis of his seven-year-old son Sean in 2002. Diabetes would become the new focus for his energy. Known as the “Father of the Artificial Pancreas,” the project he launched in his time as a volunteer, donor, and international Board Member for JDRF, Jeffrey Brewer is perhaps best known in the diabetes community for his time spent serving in the role of JDRF’s CEO from 2011 to 2014.

In the role of CEO of JDRF, Jeffrey forged financial partnerships with industry to drive research and development of insulin delivery and glucose monitoring technologies. He further spearheaded US regulatory reform in the area of automated insulin delivery, and elevated the organization’s strategic priorities to include health care policy, reimbursement, and access to technology for people with T1D. He joined in the founding of Bigfoot because he felt that industry could and should do more in each of these areas, marrying the best of our technologies to automate the management of diabetes, and making it available to the greatest number of people in need.

“People with diabetes don’t want another feature on a pump. They want a different way of living.”

Bryan Mazlish


Chief Technology Officer

Throughout 2014, rumors circulated in the press that there was a man who had invented his own artificial pancreas system, earning him the nickname “Bigfoot." That elusive mystery man was Bryan Mazlish, a devoted husband and father of three, and an expert in computer science and complex mathematics. “Bigfoot,” as it turns out, was more than myth. The legend was true, and his family has been living since 2013 with automated insulin delivery and a newfound relief from the burdens of T1D.

Bryan previously led a successful career in quantitative finance, first as management in one of the world’s largest securities trading institutions, and subsequently as an entrepreneur, where he founded and led a fully automated trading company. After his son’s diagnosis with T1D in 2011, Bryan focused his efforts in the diabetes technology space where he invented algorithms for predicting glucose values and automating insulin delivery. His wife Sarah and son Sam, both of whom have T1D, have benefited since 2013 from the use of a proof-of-concept device that he created to automate their insulin delivery - the first real-world demonstration of successful use of adaptive insulin delivery algorithms in pediatric and adult settings over an extended period of time.

“For the three years that my family has used the first system I created, diabetes has been so much easier to manage that it's like a different disease."

Lane Desborough


Chief Engineer

Many in the diabetes community recognize Lane Desborough as one of the founders of the #WeAreNotWaiting movement, coining the phrase during his work in 2013 as the co-creator of Nightscout, a free / open source CGM remote monitoring system, now used by thousands of families around the globe. Lane has spent twenty years creating customer and business value at Honeywell, GE, and Medtronic in the areas of lean product development, data science, modeling and simulation, automation, human factors, and system safety engineering.

His experience implementing and remotely monitoring control systems in industrial plants enabled him to jump immediately into the fight against T1D when his son Hayden was diagnosed in 2009. Lane joined Medtronic Diabetes in 2010, led the commercialization of Predictive Low Glucose Management, and was subsequently promoted to Chief Engineer, Insulin Delivery / Closed Loop. His worldwide volunteer and outreach work has expanded his perspective on the diabetes challenges faced by families, healthcare professionals, and payers.

"Why would I work on something so trivial as the world's energy problem when I could work on something more impactive to my son and the millions of people living around the world with diabetes?"

Jon Brilliant


Chief Financial Officer

Fellow diabetes-dad, co-founder, and Bigfoot CFO, Jon Brilliant was previously CFO and a founding board member of WellDoc. At WellDoc, he helped raise over $50M as well as navigate the legal, regulatory, clinical trial, reimbursement, and distribution aspects of bringing to market the world’s first mobile prescription therapy: an FDA cleared, clinically validated mobile application that is prescribed by doctors, used by adults with T2D, and reimbursed by payers. Jon and his wife, artist Sherry Brilliant, have been involved in multiple T1D initiatives since their daughter Myla was diagnosed at age nine, from the Ace for a Cure grass court tennis tournaments to JDRF’s Youth Ambassador Art Project.

Prior to working in diabetes, Jon was a bonafide venture capitalist rockstar serving as a Senior Advisor to Merck's Global Health Innovation Fund, owner of his own fund (Atelier), managing director in a large European fund (Syntek Capital), and investment advisor to the former owner of Harrods. Jon has raised and invested hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private markets, even helping restructure the debt of a sovereign country. He has held operating roles in healthcare (Wright Medical), automotive (JM Family), and retail (Harrods), and has served on the board of directors of over a dozen companies, ranging in size from startups to over $500M in revenue.

"The current paradigm of care for diabetes is unnecessarily complex and time consuming. We can redefine these assumptions and provide a service that creates an easier and more affordable solution for managing diabetes."