Bigfoot Biomedical® Adds Depth with Experienced New Hires


Bigfoot Biomedical® Adds Depth with Experienced, Senior New Hires

With its Bigfoot Unity™ Diabetes Management Program fully commercial, Bigfoot looks to broaden access to diabetes centers, endocrinology practices and health systems in 2022, as well as expand its development pipeline.


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From left to right: Matthew Clemente, Robin A. Beadle, Scott Snead


Milpitas, CA, December 16, 2021 – Bigfoot Biomedical, a mission-driven company dedicated to better health outcomes for people with insulin-requiring diabetes, announced today three senior hires with deep experience in the diabetes and health care sectors. Matthew Clemente joins Bigfoot as senior vice president of development; Robin A. Beadle joins Bigfoot as vice president of marketing; and Scott Snead joins as vice president of national accounts. All three positions are new as the company moves to expand access to its Bigfoot Unity Diabetes Management Program, which launched in late summer 2021, and focuses on product development to position the company for growth for years to come. 

With Bigfoot Unity the company has reimagined how clinicians treat and manage their patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who rely on multiple daily injection insulin therapy with innovative smart pen cap technologies and remote-care solutions. The company aims to fix a complex and broken therapy cycle with simple and holistic solutions, encompassing both the provider and the patient, that reshape episodic, reactive treatment to proactive, continual care provided remotely or in the office.

“This year was pivotal for our company with FDA clearance of our Bigfoot Unity™ System followed quickly by commercialization,” said Jeffrey Brewer, CEO of Bigfoot Biomedical. “After quickly contracting with clinics in seven states across the U.S., we are now primed to expand availability to more diabetes centers and endocrinology practices, as well as targeting key health systems. Our aim is to transform the standard of care for the millions of people with diabetes on insulin therapy. At the same time, we have a portfolio of assets that we’ll be developing as we continue to make inroads into the commercial marketplace with our innovative insulin delivery solutions.” 

Prior to joining Bigfoot, Clemente was based in Denmark working for Novo Nordisk as the corporate vice president responsible for the engineering and portfolio management of Novo’s drug delivery and connected devices. Before working at Novo Nordisk, he was at Eli Lilly and Company as chief technology officer, overseeing a portfolio of electromechanical delivery devices, applications, and algorithms that served as the foundation of Eli Lilly’s connected diabetes ecosystem.  

“I’ve worked in diabetes for a long time now and what is exciting to me is the broad expansion of therapeutic feedback, especially with iCGMs,” said Clemente. “The ongoing challenge is to harness the data in a way that solves for the unmet needs of people with diabetes and their health care professionals. There’s an incredible opportunity, but it also has to be paired with smart product design.”   

Prior to joining Bigfoot, Beadle was director of global marketing and head of corporate social responsibility at Glooko. She also spent 10 years in product marketing at Abbott Diabetes Care and supported product launches at health care startups. Her extensive experience in the diabetes sector will help Bigfoot navigate various channels across the med-tech industry, as she will be instrumental in building the in-market approach and developing strategies to support clinics with adoption, patient onboarding and product utilization.

Snead, who served as senior vice president of payer solutions for JISEKI Health, brings with him two decades of experience with national payers and integrated delivery networks. His depth of experience and expertise with large health systems will be significant as the company expands access to Bigfoot Unity beyond diabetes clinics and endocrinology practices. 

“The strength, experience and passion of our Bigfoot team is truly unmatched,” said Brewer. “We could not be more excited about our future and our capacity to bring meaningful innovation to people with diabetes, their caregivers and their health care professionals.” 


About Bigfoot Biomedical, Inc.

Bigfoot Biomedical was founded by a team of people with personal connections to Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. We seek to change the paradigm of care for diabetes. Bigfoot is an unconventional company taking an unconventional approach. Unlike others, we’re looking at insulin therapy holistically and utilizing services, support, and novel business models. We’re partnering with health care providers to deliver simple, connected, and comprehensive solutions for the large number of people who have been overlooked by diabetes innovation. Learn more at Follow us on Twitter @BigfootBiomed, Instagram and Facebook.

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