Bigfoot Vision

Reimagining Insulin Delivery

With an intense focus on ease of use, Bigfoot intends to optimize the dosing and delivery of insulin through an integrated medical device ecosystem. We are building an entire platform, powered by machine learning. Our solutions will be enhanced by secure, user-friendly consumer technologies, fundamentally changing the paradigm of care.

The company’s vision for its pioneering diabetes management programs will include both connected insulin pen caps and automated infusion pump options for consumers. Read more below.

These products require regulatory approval and/or clearance by FDA. These products are not yet available for sale in the United States.


Bigfoot Certainty™


Over 2.8 million people in the U.S. need to take a daily dose of long-acting insulin to manage their diabetes. Bigfoot is working on a smart pen cap based solution to assist this large group of insulin-requiring people to dose their insulin with confidence.


Bigfoot Autonomy™


With one of our founders creating the first DIY “artificial pancreas,” Bigfoot’s product pipeline includes the Bigfoot Autonomy™ Diabetes Management Program, a pump-based, closed-loop, automated insulin delivery system. Bigfoot Autonomy’s loop system, which received the FDA Breakthrough Device designation, is currently still in development and subject to regulatory approvals.

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