01 Mar 2018
Sarah Matarese

Sarah Matarese, Senior User Experience Designer

Sarah Matarese, Senior User Experience Designer “Have you ever thought there must be a better path, a better way? I live for the challenge of discovering that better path. In my career as a UX (user experience) designer, I’ve been privileged to work and learn my craft at purpose driven companies known for user focused design – first at Apple, and most recently at Tesla. Recently though, I couldn’t escape the feeling that I could be doing something even more […]

06 Sep 2017

Mika Miettinen, VP of R&D

Mika Miettinen, VP of R&D “My son was diagnosed with T1D in 2006 at just 21 months old. In the summer of 2007, we attended a camp hosted by Diabetes Youth Families. We found a sense of community there that really let us process the diagnosis for the first time. We were given the tools to start living our family’s life again. The community has given us so much, I thought “I will find a way to give back someday.” […]

13 Feb 2017
Bigfoot Stories Rick Mendoza

Rick Mendoza, Quality Assurance Specialist

Rick Mendoza, Quality Assurance Specialist “As Bigfoot’s Quality Assurance Specialist, my responsibilities include testing our system components and making the final inspections to verify that the parts are accurate and conform to measurements. I’ve worked in Quality for the whole of my career, watching as technology and trends have continuously evolved. In the 1970s, I performed quality testing on video games for Atari. (I remember quality testing the classic Breakout game.) I worked for ROLM Mil-Spec on the F-16 fighter […]

17 Jan 2017
Bigfoot Stories Hoang Truong

Hoang Truong, Document Control Supervisor

Hoang Truong, Document Control Supervisor My responsibility at Bigfoot is to manage document control as part of our Quality Assurance team. That means ensuring that every process, employee training module, and component specification – anything that would impact our automated insulin delivery system or the end user – is documented, accurate, and traceable. I help our team to ensure that all training is up-to-date and that our quality management system complies with FDA regulations. I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical and medical […]

19 Dec 2016
Bigfoot Stories Edward Hefter

Edward Hefter, VP of Operations

Edward Hefter, VP of Operations I first got involved in the type 1 diabetes community over a decade ago when, at 4 years old, my youngest child was diagnosed with T1D. His attitude has always been inspiring to me. To him, T1D was not a major obstacle, it was just another new thing to do. After a few years of shots and the sliding scales, we discovered that using a pump that handled the insulin and the calculations was much easier […]

07 Nov 2016

Lesli DeSimone, Director of Clinical Research Programs

Lesli DeSimone, Director of Clinical Research Programs I became a nurse because I wanted to see the world, learn new things, and take care of people. I spent much of my early career in the hospital; Telemetry Floor Nursing, Surgical ICU, and cath lab where I was part of phenomenal teams. The hospital staff works as a family so I enjoyed that environment. My experience eventually led me to clinical research where I could help advance the development of drugs […]

10 Oct 2016
Bigfoot Stories OneWalk 2016

Team Bigfoot Walked in the 2016 Silicon Valley One Walk®

It was a beautiful day at Levi’s Stadium yesterday for JDRF’s 2016 Silicon Valley One Walk®. We want to thank everyone from Team Bigfoot who joined us and everyone in our community who supported us. Together, we raised $5,330 (and still climbing)! Our team’s top fundraiser was Shannon Sieber who single-handedly raised $1,255! Representing Team Bigfoot were: Robin Nguyen, team captain Melissa Lee Shannon Sieber, with her 2 children Geoffrey Shipsides, with his wife Liz and 3 sons Sabine Kabel-Eckes, […]

05 Oct 2016
Bigfoot Stories Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar, Senior Design Assurance Engineer

Ravi Shankar, Senior Design Assurance Engineer I joined Asante Solutions in 2007 as a Systems Engineer when the company was still really small – just 15 people. As one of the engineers on the ground floor of developing and testing the original Snap insulin pump, everything about our design focused on users’ safety as our number one priority. When Asante shut down, I was saddened reading the comments from the users on how useful the Snap pumps were to them, asking […]

27 Sep 2016
Bigfoot Stories Sabine Kabel-Eckes

Sabine Kabel-Eckes, Senior Director User Experience

Sabine Kabel-Eckes, Senior Director User Experience Though I have spent more than 15 years now in designing user experiences for enterprise software, I originally came to the US as an ordained minister. During the technology boom in Silicon Valley in the late 1990s, I embarked on a second career in technology, working for companies like SAP Labs, Good Technology, and Blackberry, eventually building up specialized mobile application design teams for them. When I first interviewed with Bryan Mazlish, Bigfoot’s co-founder and […]

01 Sep 2016
Bigfoot Stories Jeff Boissier

Jeff Boissier, Principal UX Designer

Jeff Boissier, Principal UX Designer Like most people without T1D, my knowledge of diabetes was initially limited. I knew that people had to take shots of insulin, but I didn’t understand the roller coaster ride that is type 1 diabetes. My background in design began in the aerospace industry as a mechanical engineer – designing hardware for space telescopes and the international space station – these were big undertakings with noble causes where reliability and safety were key. Back in 2000 […]