Razz Fox, Software Engineer

Razz Fox, Software Engineer

“It wasn’t that long ago that I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, toward the end of my college career studying computer science and information science. I had to relearn how to live, eat, work out, go hiking, swimming. Having seen the latest therapy options in diabetes, I was instantly disappointed in what I perceived as a lack of innovation, but I was also determined to turn tragedy into something good.

While I had known that I wanted my work to have meaningful impact, my diagnosis was a calling to use my skills as a software engineer to make life with diabetes better. I live by a personal motto that everything can be improved, so diabetes has become my focus where I can contribute to great effect with my knowledge and experience. I believe we each have only one job in life—to help people—and this is my calling. And like our founding team here, I’m not waiting.

I believe in Bigfoot because of the trust I feel in so many people impacted by diabetes coming together. Together, we are going to improve life on insulin and help a lot of people.”


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