Mika Miettinen, VP of R&D

Mika Miettinen, VP of R&D

“My son was diagnosed with T1D in 2006 at just 21 months old. In the summer of 2007, we attended a camp hosted by Diabetes Youth Families. We found a sense of community there that really let us process the diagnosis for the first time. We were given the tools to start living our family’s life again. The community has given us so much, I thought “I will find a way to give back someday.”

My education has been in nuclear and energy physics, including alternative energies (solar & wind power, etc.). I spent 22 years at Varian Medical Systems pioneering development of cancer therapies, but I never stopped looking for the right opportunity to give back to our community.

Through Lane Desborough, I met the team at Bigfoot. It was the combination of their leadership, knowledge and huge will to see it through that spoke to me. I believe in Bigfoot because ours is a team that has thought through our products, our business model, and the patients who would use these systems on a daily basis. It’s my role here to keep our team on a path of wins. A promising, fabulous team. We’re unstoppable.”


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