Jen Block, Director of Clinical Innovation

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Jen Block, Director of Clinical Innovation

I’ve spent my whole career, over twenty years in diabetes – and with diabetes, trying to make diabetes better for others. I started as an educator, then went into research, but the patients I lost the most sleep over were the kids with the fewest resources. I know through my research experience that the technology exists for automated insulin delivery and I absolutely know it will make a difference, but the only way it will have a meaningful impact is if we can get it to the people who have the hardest time.

I joined Bigfoot because these individuals have experience in designing automated delivery, the business savvy to build it, and the vision to share it – a model that could allow the tech to be accessed by a large number of people, regardless of resources or skill.

Every move I’ve made in my career has been because I thought I could have a bigger impact in diabetes. I believe in Bigfoot because there is nothing that I as an individual can do to make a bigger difference than to be here.


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