David Sun, Staff Electrical Engineer

Bigfoot Stories David Sun

David Sun, Staff Electrical Engineer

When my youngest daughter was just six months old, we learned she had a dangerous type of arrhythmia in her heart. The doctor sent us home with medication and a stethoscope – crude tools for a serious condition. I had that feeling, familiar to all parents, that I would do whatever I could to help keep my daughter safe, so I used my electrical design experience to create a mobile ECG device to monitor her condition.

I have worked for over twenty years in hardware design and electrical engineering. I moved into the medical industry in 2008 and later worked for Asante designing the Snap insulin pump. Even before I met the Bigfoot founders though, I had heard Bryan Mazlish’s story of how he built a system for his wife and son and it was a story that resonated with me.

There’s a pride that comes with making something with your own hands to make your child’s life better, and it takes a skilled and focused team to blend a perfect function device with a device that’s lovely to use.

I’ve worked for 6 or 7 startups. As an engineer, I could serve any company and make a living, but I definitely choose to work here. I believe in Bigfoot because this company is different. We’re in it not just for fun or imagination, but to solve a real problem.


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