Sarah Matarese, Senior User Experience Designer

by Melissa Lee, Director Community Relations,
March 01, 2018

Sarah Matarese, Senior User Experience Designer

“Have you ever thought there must be a better path, a better way? I live for the challenge of discovering that better path.

In my career as a UX (user experience) designer, I’ve been privileged to work and learn my craft at purpose driven companies known for user focused design - first at Apple, and most recently at Tesla. Recently though, I couldn’t escape the feeling that I could be doing something even more impactful. I was searching for an opportunity to design products people genuinely need, leveraging the design principles used to create innovative consumer products.

Medical Devices is an industry where modern UX is still a relatively new concept, so when I discovered Bigfoot, I found it compelling to see a small medical device startup dedicating a team to user experience design.

Empathy is what drives innovation; I believe in Bigfoot because when you take the time to deeply understand both the daily obstacles and small victories people navigate while managing their diabetes, you can craft a better experience for them.

It’s thrilling to be a part of a team working on the challenge of designing a better experience via our connected insulin injection system. When everyone around you is aligned with such passion and purpose, it gets you out of bed everyday.”


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