Sabine Kabel-Eckes, Senior Director User Experience

by Melissa Lee, Director Community Relations,
September 27, 2016

Sabine Kabel-Eckes, Senior Director User Experience

Though I have spent more than 15 years now in designing user experiences for enterprise software, I originally came to the US as an ordained minister. During the technology boom in Silicon Valley in the late 1990s, I embarked on a second career in technology, working for companies like SAP Labs, Good Technology, and Blackberry, eventually building up specialized mobile application design teams for them.

When I first interviewed with Bryan Mazlish, Bigfoot’s co-founder and chief technology officer, I was struck by his sincerity as he described the realities of T1D. The challenge of designing enterprise software was to hide huge complexity from the end user. The challenge of designing an automated insulin delivery system is to hide its complexity from users who haven’t even asked to use one in the first place! To create an enjoyable and safe experience for users who would actually prefer not to have to deal with T1D at all but who haven’t been given a choice.

I’m amazed every single day at what a hard and complex-to-manage disease T1D is. Working here has profoundly changed my perspective and widened my horizon. I count the fact that I do not live with T1D  an asset to the company in many ways, as I can apply my skills to their fullest extent, without being personally affected. At Bigfoot I can do what I do best: Show empathy, listen to and observe users objectively and without introducing my own bias, help others and be creative all day long!

I believe in Bigfoot because of our team’s genuine desire to help improve life with T1D, and I see in Bigfoot’s mission an opportunity to put my skills from various careers to the best use possible and make people’s lives better.


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