Lane Desborough, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer

by Melissa Lee, Director Community Relations,
August 04, 2016

Lane Desborough, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer

I got my first PC in 1979 and realized computers would someday make the world a better place. I became a process control chemical engineer, then, for 20 years, designed, implemented, and remotely monitored control systems at chemical plants, oil refineries, and power plants, helping to ensure the safety and efficiency of these very complex, hazardous systems.

Our lives took an abrupt turn seven years ago when our son Hayden was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He was 10. Within days I realized the challenges facing our family and the diabetes community at large were problems I had seen solved in other areas. My experience led me to ask questions of industry leaders and regulators, and I found myself unsatisfied with their responses. Why should I keep working on something so trivial as the world’s energy problem when I could instead help Hayden and the millions of others around the world living with diabetes? So I left a successful career at GE and, like so many others, joined the fight against type 1 diabetes. I went to work at Medtronic Diabetes.

At Medtronic, I led the engineering team responsible for commercializing their next gen automated insulin delivery system, rising to chief engineer. My time there helped me appreciate both the unmet need and the huge responsibility in developing safe, effective, and delightful medical devices. I was, however, dissatisfied with the pace of progress, which led to my work co-creating Nightscout (DIY remote monitoring software) in 2013 and my subsequent decision to co-found Bigfoot in 2014.

We founded Bigfoot with the goal to make a safe, robust, cost-effective, reliable, elegantly designed system that will be accessible and will enable people to more easily live their lives. I don’t go into things halfway.

I believe in Bigfoot because I’m building an airplane that my son will soon fly solo. I can’t think of a better place to be.


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