Jeff Boissier, Principal UX Designer

by Melissa Lee, Director Community Relations,
September 01, 2016

Jeff Boissier, Principal UX Designer

Like most people without T1D, my knowledge of diabetes was initially limited. I knew that people had to take shots of insulin, but I didn’t understand the roller coaster ride that is type 1 diabetes.

My background in design began in the aerospace industry as a mechanical engineer - designing hardware for space telescopes and the international space station - these were big undertakings with noble causes where reliability and safety were key. Back in 2000 I switched careers. I put engineering aside and followed my passion for visual communication into the consumer world, designing user interfaces for AOL, Yahoo, Google and others.

What I draw from my past and apply here at Bigfoot in my user experience work has surprised me. As in the aerospace industry, reliability and safety are at the forefront of what we’re doing. What we launch here has got to work, and it has to work 24/7, but we’re also putting this on a consumer device. I get to design interfaces that are engaging and interesting in a way that I could never do for a company purely focused on the functional hardware. It’s been a perfect blend of my varied design experiences.

Like the founders, I’m a parent, too. I may not have known diabetes well before, but it became human when I got here and joined the team. It’s real when you walk through the door at Bigfoot. While other larger companies might be limited to incremental change, I believe in Bigfoot because we’re truly focusing on innovation that can bring real change to those living with T1D.


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