Edward Hefter, VP of Operations

by Melissa Lee, Director Community Relations,
December 19, 2016

Edward Hefter, VP of Operations

I first got involved in the type 1 diabetes community over a decade ago when, at 4 years old, my youngest child was diagnosed with T1D. His attitude has always been inspiring to me. To him, T1D was not a major obstacle, it was just another new thing to do. After a few years of shots and the sliding scales, we discovered that using a pump that handled the insulin and the calculations was much easier for all of us.

As awful as T1D is, it has also been an opportunity to see just how many good people are out there. Through community involvement, particularly with the Brave Buddies group online, I’ve seen incredible support, but I’ve also seen that there are many people who are less fortunate than us. Bigfoot shares my belief that high quality care shouldn’t be limited based on your education or what insurance you have. Everyone should have the right to live a healthy life.

My background is in mechanical engineering and manufacturing operations. I spent twenty years working with specialty metal: mills, lathes, furnaces, welders, etc.. I’ve worked for an electronic equipment distribution start-up and managed logistics at a large international logistics company. Before joining Bigfoot, I spent ten years in senior management at Materion. As VP of Operations at Bigfoot, my passion is to run a high quality, customer focused service organization. Bigfoot is focused on more than just the hardware - we are committed to providing services to escalate alerts to loved ones and to make sure our customers always have the supplies they need.

Throughout my career, I’ve asked myself “How do I learn more? How do I help others find ways to achieve their goals?” I believe in Bigfoot because we encourage that curiosity. Curiosity improves the status quo and curiosity drives me. You can’t just do what you did yesterday and expect innovation and change tomorrow.”


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